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Serving fast, affordable fare to eat-in, take-out, or for downtown delivery, 520 Grill will undoubtedly become your go-to spot, too.

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A woman took the ball from dummy half as the hooter went off, before throwing the ball in the air and immediately celebrating with teammates. Under the rules of the game, the referees can continue play in the event of a knock-on unless there is no advantage to the attacking team or both teams commit an error. ' the commentator screams as a mixture of ecstasy and horror sweeps over the crowd.

According to the Quad City Metro area outdoor warning system guidelines, sirens go off for tornadoes, thunderstorms accompanied by winds of 70 mph or higher, or hail that is golf ball sized or larger.

All alerts will be sounded by city or county officials when they receive word that severe weather is approaching.

'One girl from the other team said she saw my eyes watching the ball and light up and thought 'S***! ' You can see her running after me and is really close to tagging me before I made that break,' Ms Sloan Harris said.

She told Daily Mail Australia she was thinking as she was running how sorry she felt for her opposition, but was also 'stoked' she was able to steal the win. I just had dads words ringing in my ears 'Its my over til the fat lady sings!


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