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Though many choose to go down the aisle, it is more for the aesthetic and symbolic religious or legal reasons.

is still to get married and have a traditional wedding.

For the wedding, each girl is aware how it reflects on her style, taste and character and is a statement of her family’s wealth, position and status in the society.

In Libya, most of the socialising is around weddings.

The usual suspects are: the Arab male who is only after your British passport, the Arab player who is afraid of commitment but still pretends to want a real relationship, the Arab married man who just wants to flirt on the web, the Arab homosexual who is being forced by family to seek a wife and the many others falsely parading as genuine potentials.

In the end, she gave up hope and believed she might as well die a spinster. My older brother, knowing she was disheartened, was extra gentle in suggesting she takes just the one last chance and meet one of his friends.

The only but was that he lives in Tripoli, Libya and has no desire to leave for the foreseeable future.

Although Western educated, his job is in Libya and he loves there.

My sister, who is feisty, independent and career minded, at first did attempt many ways of meeting single eligible Arab men in London.She had her fair share of blind dates, went to social functions over the years and even tried an Arab- dating websites to meet the one.Unfortunately, in her quest, she met a number of men who, as an Arab woman living in the West, you have to learn to spot and avoid as they only waste your time.Thus armed with this information, the mother, sisters and the aunties will begin the search in earnest.Not ironically, it will be at other weddings where they will find the girls.Unfortunately, when it is just the ladies involved, there is a tremendous pressure on the girls to appear just right for the picking and that they be young, pretty, healthy, shy, modest and innocent.


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