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I use a combination of field instrumentation, lab experiments, numerical modeling, and geochemical techniques.

I am particularly interested in rock weathering mechanisms, vapor transport in glacial tills, and the application of cosmogenic nuclides to elucidating rates of erosion and landscape change.

I have conducted field work in Greenland, Baffin Island, Bhutan, Alaska and central Colorado.

My research interests lie in understanding geomorphic processes active in polar regions at a variety of scales.

These cosmogenic nuclides are monitors of exposure of the sample to open sky (and to bombardment of the sample surface by cosmic ray particles -neutrons and myons- that produce characteristic isotopes in the surfaces).

These techniques have advanced our abilities to quantify earth surface processes in general, and are particularly powerful in the field of glacier and ice-sheet dynamics and their coupling to climate change.

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The value of the measured ratio depends on the natural Cl concentration in the sample: the higher the natural Cl in the sample (i.e.

In 2008, the lab obtained adequate space and cooling capacity in the new Comer Geochemistry Building to handle our thermal load during the extraction process.

We also constructed a new graphitization line that can graphitize two samples simultaneously, reducing the time between sample extraction and measurement via AMS.

the taller the two dark brown columns, while they always keep their proportions) the closer the measured ratio gets to the natural ratio 3.1.

This dependence allows calculating the natural Cl concentration in the sample.


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