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While this may sound like an immediate drawback, the difference in the OS, with the various home screens, the integration of widgets at different sizes, the ability to add shortcuts and folder keep it feeling fresh everyday.

The backup process can take some time, depending on the size of your phone book.The use of Google Checkout is annoying to some, but personally I find it to be very easy, as you can just input credit card information one time.It's securely stored and then is automatic for future purchases.With Android, the Android Market is built into the phone is very clean looking, doesn’t slow down, or freeze your device, and rather easy to navigate.Updating applications on Android is definitely favored over the Black Berry, since you don’t have to reboot your device each time.While yes, this may be something rather small, it is great to be able to just sign out, and escape for a little, because no matter how addicted you may be, everyone needs a break.


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