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In the absence of official records, we searched all the prison inspection reports for all the prisons in England and Wales for information regarding their transgender prisoners. Information about trans-identifying inmates was obtained by reading the most recent prison reports for all prisons in England and Wales.Each prison is monitored by the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) and also has random spot checks conducted by HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP).The number of trans-identifying males (abbreviated to “TIMs” hereafter for the purpose of brevity) was recorded for each prison using the most recent available report (IMB or HMIP).

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One hundred trans-identifying males are housed in male prisons, of whom 13 have been transferred to women’s prisons.No official figures are currently available regarding the number or type of convictions of trans-identifying male inmates in the prisons of England and Wales.Using publicly available prison inspection reports, we searched for all references to transgender inmates and were able to identify at least 113 trans-identifying male inmates (people born male who identify as transgender).Forty-six trans-identifying males are located in eight male prisons known to almost exclusively house sex offenders.A further 10 trans-identifying males are held in maximum-security category A prisons.This information is essential so that the impact of any changes to the GRA can be accurately risk-assessed.


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