Master and slave dating

Some were literally worked to death, only to be replaced like an old shoe when the next boatload of captured slaves came into port.So while the plantations may have been wealthy palaces to some, they were places of misery and death to others.Working in the “big house” was as close to freedom as a slave could expect at that time, so Chloe did what she had to do.

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As the family ate the tainted birthday cake, Chloe soon found out she had made a terrible mistake.

From that day forward, Chloe wore a green turban around her head to hide her shameful wound.

With the judge now furious at her, Chloe knew she had to do something fast to prove her worth to the family – but what?

Her opportunity came one day when she was directed to help set up a birthday party for the Woodruffes’ eldest daughter.

The judge was away, and his wife and daughters planned on celebrating the birthday by eating cake in the dining room. She crept outside and picked one of the oleander plants growing beside the house.


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