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at the Elgin Theatre, was walking when he heard a cry for help.The man, 77-year-old Jim Walpole, reportedly tripped, fell and gashed his neck open and his wife, Marilyn, 79, begged bystanders for assistance.With the hope to maintain their relationship after 1 child they also made short trip to Sydney but their relationship did not worked out and John started focusing on career much. Malkovich height is 6 feet along with weight 80 Kg.His salary and net worth is counted around 65 million dollars which is also noted as jaw dropping amount listing him in the ratio of richest celebrity across.Although the Ohio couple said they didn't recognize theactor, Marilyn said the Academy Award winner now has her lifetime support."I'm going to watch all of them [his movies] that I can," she said.In high school, he played a role in the musical Carousel.

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Academy Award-nominated actor well known for his role as Mitch Leary in the 1993 film In the Line of Fire.

John Malkovich was born as John Gavin Malkovich on December 9, 1953.

He is working as actor and director within film industry and has become a part of more than 70 motion pictures.

Her work in Places in the heart has taken proper responses from his fans and additionally In the Line of Fire is also counted to be the successful one.

He is 62 years old who originally belongs from Christopher, Illinois.


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